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Sledding Areas

Sicamous is well known for offering some of the best trail riding and alpine sledding areas in Western Canada. ’Variety’ is the best description for the four sledding areas that you can choose from when sledding in the Sicamous area.  We have groomed trails that cater to families and novice sledders or steep terrain and deep powder for the more experienced rider.

The trails to our riding areas are approximately 25kms and are groomed and well marked. After the cabins, the areas are uncontrolled and unmarked.

The sledding season starts about the first of December and ends around mid April. For the most avid sledders, sledding can start in November, continue through the May Long Weekend and there are even rumors of sledders on the snow covered hills in July.

See the Trail Grooming Reports here.

Sicamous Area Topographical Overview:

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Four Amazing Sledding Areas to choose from:

Blue Lake

Eagle Pass



The maps on this website are for general reference only. These mountain areas can be treacherous at times and weather can change quickly, so please use caution when snowmobiling in the mountains and follow safe snowmobiling practices. Whenever possible, sign in at the cabins to report where you are planning to sled for that day and come prepared with overnight survival gear.  Emergencies can be reported to 911. Remember service is not always available in some mountain areas. (*You may find cell phone coverage at Blue Lake, Owlhead and Queest when you are at the height of land.*)

It is recommended that you read avalanche bulletins at www.avalanche.caand take avalanche training before you travel into the mountains areas. You should also be equipped with proper avalanche safety equipment and know how to use it. View avalanche bulletins for regions north of Highway 1 as "North Columbia - Monashee and Selkirk", and south of Highway 1 as "South Columbia".


At times you may have to travel on Forest Service Roads to where grooming begins and some roads may be temporarily closed due to logging operations.

Check for updates at our Grooming & Snow report section.

  • Please do not drive your vehicle on groomed trails.
  • Stay on the right side of the trail
  • Watch for grooming equipment and give them right-of-way.
  • Travel on and off the groomed trails is completely at Sledders Own Risk.

We encourage all our members and visitors to:

  • Respect the environment,
  • Respect the wildlife,
  • Respect our club chalets,
  • Respect other backcountry users.

Remember if you PACK it IN  please  PACK it OUT.

18th Annual Rider's Choice Awards

Twelve SnoRider's Awards were presented to Sicamous:

snoRider's Choice Awards 2016 - snowmobile awards BCsnoRider's Choice Awards 2016 - snowmobile awards BC

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