Snowmobilers will make every effort to research an area prior to snowmobiling there, including looking for local maps and other information pertinent to snowmobiling in that location.

  • Snowmobilers will not ride in areas designated as closed to snowmobiling.
  • Snowmobilers will obey all posted signs.

If caribou are encountered, snowmobilers will refrain from approaching. Snowmobilers will stay on their snowmobiles. Photographs will be taken from a distance.

If caribou are encountered on a road or trail, snowmobilers will turn off the engine and remain on their sled.

Snowmobilers will wait until the caribou have moved off of the road or trail before continuing, making every effort to stay as far away from the caribou as safely possible.

If caribou are encountered in a play area, snowmobilers will not approach them. They will shut down their machines to give the animals a chance to move away, then leave the area and refrain from riding within sight of the caribou.

If caribou tracks are observed, snowmobilers will not follow the tracks.

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