Last updated: April 4, 2021 at 7:43 PM

Grooming and Operations have officially ended for the 2020/21 snowmobile season over here at Sled Sicamous.

A huge thank you to our groomers who used what snow they were given to create and maintain some awesome trails all season long!!! Also to our collectors for keeping things rolling and parking under control even in our busiest weeks!!! We could not do it without their support and the generous commitment of our many volunteers.

It’s been an interesting year for everyone and we’re honoured to have served you this year; and are looking very much forward to next season. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook feeds for announcements on operations, Club activities and special offers/celebrations we’re planning for you in the near future!

Until then, as always – Sled Safe!


Last Groomed: April 3, 2021 AM

Snow Report: 315 cm base no new snow. Parking at 4KM, Trail a bit patchy along the river at lower KMS (1 through 16) Still some great spring sledding conditions up top. Logging and road building will be picking up so make sure to take your radio!

Last Groomed: April 4, 2021 AM

Snow Report:  296 cm base at Owlhead cabin – keep an eye on the APEXALPINECAM for accumulation at the Owlhead cabin. Parking at 7km.


Last Groomed: April 2, 2021 AM

Snow Report: 299 cm base. Parking at 9KM.

**** BEFORE RIDING AT QUEEST PLEASE VISIT OUR AREA PAGE in order to familiarize yourself with the Caribou Closure Area AND regarding procedures in the event that you encounter caribou or caribou tracks ****

Last Groomed: March 2020

Snow Report: Not available.


Trails will be groomed after 75 sleds; in the evening ***BEGINNING AT DUSK*** 

  • Please do not drive your vehicle on groomed trails.
  • Stay on the right side of the trail.
  • Watch for grooming equipment and give them right-of-way
  • Travel on and off the groomed trails is completely at the Sledder’s Own Risk.
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