Last updated: Thursday , March 26th 2020. 9:00 am.

Please be advised effective immediately all collection and grooming operations will wrap in a effort to limit the spread of Covid -19 at the request of the Provincial Government.Trails will be accessible to the public but we encourage social distancing at all times. Cabins will be closed to the public and signs will be posted at each cabin.

Last Groomed: Friday March 20th
Were still Riding from the bottom.lots of room for Big Trailers to turn around.
Snow Report: 300 cm base,

Last Groomed: Thursday March 19.
Some folks Still Riding from the bottom.100 feet of dirt until you hit the snow.Trail is ploughed out to the 1km parking lot along with the 1km parking lot.Trail is icy from the bottom so chain and good tires are required.

Snow Report: 300 cm base,

Last Groomed: Thursday March 19th.
Sleds Riding from the bottom and snow bikes with single deck trucks unloading at 2km. Trail is ploughed out to the 2 1/4km parking lot. Good tires and chains required as it is icy from 1/2 k up to 2 1/4 ploughed parking lot.
Snow Report: 295 cm base,


Last Groomed: Saturday March 15th.
Road dirt  to 2 1/4 km where Deck trucks and small trailers are unloading.Ploughed out to the 6km parking lot with lots of plough outs along the way.Good tires and chains required past the 2 1/2.
Snow Report: 300 cm base,

Sled Sicamous Grooming Report


Trails will be groomed after 75 sleds; in the evening or as soon as possible. 

  • Please do not drive your vehicle on groomed trails.
  • Stay on the right side of the trail.
  • Watch for grooming equipment and give them right-of-way
  • Travel on and off the groomed trails is completely at the Sledder’s Own Risk.
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