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Blue Lake

Blue Lake is rapidly becoming one of our more popular areas for sledding due to the recent trail improvements and regular grooming.

Blue Lake can accommodate the novice and family sledders and those who like to explore the backcountry without overly steep terrain, it features wide open alpine and sub alpine terrain.  For those who like to go mostly vertical, a little poking around can reveal some great climbing areas. The Blue Lake cabin has a new stove and the cabin is located in a nice open area that includes a training hill for novices. The cabin was built by club member, Dave Micku of Sandy Ridge Construction, along with many club volunteers. Bring your camera to save memories of the beautiful vistas.

Here is the Blue Lake Cabin:

The trail head is approximately 17km's east of Sicamous.

Please check the avalanche forecast for the South Columbia region before heading out to this area.

The maps on this website are for general reference only. These mountain areas can be treacherous at times and weather can change quickly, so please use caution when snowmobiling in the mountains and follow safe snowmobiling practices. Whenever possible, sign in at the cabins to report where you are planning to sled for that day and come prepared with overnight survival gear.  Emergencies can be reported to 911. Remember service is not always available in some mountain areas. (*You may find cell phone coverage at Blue Lake, Owlhead and Queest when you are at the height of land.*)

Area Topographical Trail Map:

(Click image for larger version, or right-click here to save hi-res version)

Topograpical maps are also available in our Sled Sicamous trail map brochure for reference while on the mountain.

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