Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club  ANNUAL GENERAL Meeting – POSTPONED.

Regretfully, the Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club is in a position where we must postpone our AGM. Due to the volatility surrounding COVID-19 protocols the Board Executive has deemed it impracticable to host an in-person meeting. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. We will update our Facebook page, and this webpage in the coming week with alternative option(s) to an in-person AGM for this year.
We further wish to let everyone know that we are extending our early bird pricing deadline to November 26th; and encourage you to visit https://sledsicamous.com/join-now/ to take advantage of this pricing.
We also understand there has been some reservations from our club members and extended sled community as to whether we will be able to operate through the season this year. The Province, in conjunction with the BCSF, has provided us with the tools and knowledge to create a COVID-19 health and safety plan to ensure that your visit to our trails is as safe as possible. There will be minor adjustments to the way we stage vehicles in the parking lots, and occupancy restrictions in the alpine shelters; but we can assure you that our staff is itching to get rolling and welcome all of you to our trails and the community. All we need now is a little more powder power!
If you have any questions please reach out at info@sledsicamous.com
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