Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club Job Posting
Job Title: Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club (The Club) General Manager:

General Description:

The EVSC GM is responsible for the day to day operations of the Club. The Club, among other things, is responsible for maintaining the groomed trails for snowmobiling in the vicinity of Sicamous and Malakwa. The GM’s duties include overseeing the equipment operations, overseeing the collection operations, public relations, promotions and working within a budget. This is a seasonal, permanent position that normally starts in October and ends in May.
The GM is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Club.


Annual Contract renewable in October

General Attributes of a successful Candidate:
  • Passionate about snowmobiling.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Able to communicate with a variety of audiences.
  • Highly organized but remain flexible when circumstances require change.
  • Proven ability to assemble, lead and motivate a team of 12 or more people.
  • Have good financial knowledge & understanding financial statements, code & supply
    the bookkeeper with income & expenses.
  • Manage social media & the website, update the grooming report daily.
  • Computer Skills are an asset.
  • Mechanical skills are an asset.
  • Proven ability to manage cash income and accounts payables.
Compensation: $TBD/month
  • It is understood that time requirements are much greater in the winter months than the fall and spring; and that the average time commitment would be approximately 40 hours per week.
  • Should the EVSC require to reduce or cease operations at any time due to environmental or other reasons, the above salary would be adjusted accordingly.
  • Other Expenses (According to budget):
    – Office Expense: Submit receipts for reimbursement.
    – Telephone: Submit receipts for reimbursement.
    – Travel: $0.50/km.
    – Computer: Submit receipts for reimbursement.
    Direct Supervisor: EVSC Board of Directors.
    -Office: Work out of home or Owlhead trailhead office.
  • Assist in developing the annual budget.
  • Execute grant applications.
  • Monitor and approve expenditures according to the budget.
  • Manage the Membership
  • Manage EVSC Credit Cards.
  • Organize and execute annual fund-raising initiative (Map Book) starting in Fall.
  • Organize and monitor the Annual Maintenance on the Snow Cats.
  • Develop a trade show booth and attend 3-4 Trade shows.
  • Hire, organize and manage the trailhead collectors.
  • Hire, organize and manage snow cat operators.
  • Remain current on Snow Cat operations.
  • Monitor and schedule grooming activities.
  • Manage website with the webmaster.
  • Manage social media & update the grooming report daily.
  • Fulfill government paperwork as required by various government departments.
  • Work with Logging Companies that use the Club’s trails as required.
  • Attend all EVSC meetings to report to the board of directors.
  • Respond to public requests for information.
  • Forge relationships between the EVSC and Local Businesses.
  • This is a general list and not intended to be exhaustive.

Please submit your resumé via email to:  info@sledsicamous.com

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2020.